Friday, 6 July 2012

Testing - The Most Critical Part Of A Product’s Go-to-Market Strategy

Testing - The Most Critical Part Of A Product’s Go-to-Market Strategy

One of the most critical aspects of a product's go-to-market strategy is its testing and quality assessment. Timing the release of a well tested and assured product to the market is a crucial element in a product's lifecycle. Over the last decade, a product's reliability has become a deciding factor in its success and almost immediately reflects on the balance sheet. 

However, though businesses realize the impact of testing and quality assurance, they sometimes overlook the long term harm that an incompetent or incapable testing partner can cause. The testing and quality assurance partner needs to have a fully functional and comprehensive testing environment that ensures not just a zero defect launch time and again for your products, but also helps align your business objectives better.

Sigma Infosolutions’ 'Multiple Build' model for managing software development and testing
services ensures that the complete engagement with the client is carried out efficiently without compromising on quality. The processes are verified through quantifiable metrics which justifies the client's investment at every stage of the process. The team consists of experts who have the relevant technology and domain expertise to deliver end-to-end testing services. They have the ability to understand the business impact of every engagement.


Sigma Infosolutions offerings are spread across both manual testing as well as test

  • Black Box
  • White Box
  • Grey Box
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Ad-Hoc Testing