Sigma Infosolutions Q-100 Laboratory is a best-in-class testing infrastructure that is
specially designed to engage the most rigorous test automation and manual testing.
Our working environment comprises of a comprehensive range of tools, hardware,
and software that allows us to quickly ramp up to capacity when in need of testing
specialists on any domain.  

Jmeter, WebLoad, JUnit, Automation Anywhere, Bugzilla, Testopia,
CVS, EMMA, Continuum

Windows: XP, Vista Boxes, Mac Books; Ubuntu Servers; High resolution
Monitors 15”, 17” & 21”; Windows Servers: 2003, Exchange Servers;
RAM: 1 GB to 8 GB

Firefox 2.0, 3.0, IE: 6, 7, Opera, Netscape, Camino, FF 2, Safari (MAC)
Firewall, Work Group, Client Server Network, VPN

  • The test conditions are developed simultaneously while the code is being developed which saves significant amount of time and effort
  • A comprehensive software inspection is done to identify defects in the product
  • The software product is implemented on multiple platforms to ensure that it performs equally well on each of them. Modifications are sometimes needed for running the product on some of the platforms
  • Automated testing is conducted wherever possible
  • Automation test scenarios are identified and converted in to scripts that are run on every build without manual intervention to ensure that the build is in testable state.

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