Today we live in a flat world, thanks to globalization and the ever advancing technology. Transporting resources from one part of the world to another to achieve your testing requirements has become a thing of past. With development centers spread across entire US and UK, Sigma Infosolutions follows the Global Delivery model so as to achieve optimum business benefits from every client engagement. The global delivery model enables resources to work during different time zones, which ensures that the production
never stops. This makes it possible to achieve the project deadline much faster. Also the
close proximity to the client facilitates better communication and helps accomplish the goals at significant cost savings.


The Multiple Build model has been devised and developed to address customer requirements at different phases of the software development life cycle. This model encompasses an incremental testing methodology in order to accelerate the development time. 

In this model requirements are first documented and a high level design is executed to envision and plan the entire process. Next a detailed design is created and various testable subsystems are constructed and scheduled at different phases in the engagement. Once all the subsystems are developed testing is conducted on the complete system to ensure its
functionality. Once the testing is successful the first build is delivered to the customer.

For the next build, the customer's feedback is incorporated along with the basic requirements to create a high level design and the remaining process is carried out as before. This process is repeated for all the builds until each and every requirement and concern of the customer is accurately incorporated and the final product is delivered and accepted by the client. 

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